Quick ideas for taking care of yourself – today!

Pick a card, any card…

You don’t need a special reason or occasion to be kind to yourself. If you’re in need of a mini reboot, try something from the list below.

 Leave your phone to charge in another room and pick up a book you’ve been meaning to read

 Watch a show

 Go for a short walk (it’s still summertime, apparently!)

 Write down everything that’s worrying you and put it someplace safe to deal with tomorrow

 Meditate for 5 or 10 minutes (listen to a guided meditation if that’s easiest)

 Take a bath or shower

 Draw a picture with your kids

 Find a Yin yoga video on YouTube and do some gentle, restorative stretching

 Listen to music you haven’t put on for awhile

 Plan the rest of your week and schedule some down time each day

 Do something you’ve been avoiding or putting off so you can stop thinking about it

 Give someone in your family an unexpected compliment

 Write down 10 things that you’re grateful for today, in this moment

 Notice self-criticism, and ask, “Would I talk to a friend this way?”

Stress relief is a complex process, and it’s important not to underestimate the small things we can do to show compassion for ourselves. Start a running list of the things you can do to shift your mood and lower your stress level when you need a short-term fix of calmness and rejuvenation.