About me


First and foremost: I absolutely love figuring out relationship dynamics and helping people shift them. Relationships are at the core of so much of our emotional satisfaction. When we aren't getting enough from our relationships, we tend to be lonelier, more irritable, and more prone to behaviors like overeating, overdrinking, excessive online shopping or endless scrolling.

One of my roles as a therapist is helping my clients identify patterns: in how they relate to their partners, children, family, coworkers, you name it. Once you have awareness of a pattern, it becomes more possible to change it with time and patience.

Relationship with self is also vital to our well-being. As a recovering people-pleaser and adept self-critic, I've experienced how much better life can be when I'm in a more balanced relationship with myself. Sometimes self-criticism is so familiar we don't even recognize it as such. But living inside a critical brain does a number on our emotional and physical health.

Education & experience

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) and a proud graduate of the Family Therapy Training Program at the University of Rochester School of Medicine. I did my internship at Highland Family Medicine, a primary care practice with behavioral health integrated on site. I then spent five years working at Evelyn Brandon, an urban community mental health clinic where I saw clients for individual, couple/family and group therapy and eventually also supervised interns and other staff therapists.

I transitioned to full-time private practice in August 2017 and absolutely love the freedom and energy it has given me.

I tend to use psychodynamic, attachment-based and emotionally-focused approaches in my work. And I’m a raving fan of the Headspace app.