About me


First and foremost: I love working with physicians & nurses! You guys are my people. (Well, therapists are my actual people, but if I could pick another set of people that I love just as much, it would be medical folks.) I was raised by a pediatrician -- my awesome dad. I know how many hours you work. I’ve seen first-hand what it’s like to be on call. You do amazing things, and you carry the weight of so much responsibility.

I also know what it’s like to be overworked. For years I worked in community mental health and grappled with stress related to the fast pace, the high acuity, the high volume. Productivity, EMR, leadership changes, all of it.

I see you, I know what you deal with, and I’ve got you.

Education & experience

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) and a proud graduate of the Family Therapy Training Program at the University of Rochester School of Medicine. I did my internship at Highland Family Medicine, a primary care practice with behavioral health integrated on site. I then spent five years working at Evelyn Brandon, an urban community mental health clinic where I saw clients for individual, couple/family and group therapy and eventually also supervised interns and other staff therapists.

I transitioned to full-time private practice in August 2017 and absolutely love the freedom and energy it has given me.

I love mindfulness-based, emotionally-focused approaches to treatment and I’m a raving fan of the Headspace app.