Reconnect and Reenergize with the Conquering Burnout Workshop

Does it feel like you're running on a treadmill all day, every day? Maybe you feel stuck, bored or unsatisfied in a vague, hard-to-pinpoint way. Or perhaps you've started to notice anxiety, depression, irritability, trouble sleeping, feelings of emptiness, or doubts about the direction your life is heading.

If this is you and you’re ready for something different, fill out the interest form at the bottom of this page” and embed a form similar to the one I outlined for Clinician Process Group: title can be Burnout Workshop Interest Form and fields can be name, e-mail, phone and “tell me a little bit about your goals for the workshop.


  • Feel calmer, more grounded, and more in control of your life
  • Make connections with others committed to feeling less stressed
  • Rediscover sources of passion and creativity
  • Find out if there are longer-term changes you can make so that you can prevent or reverse burnout over time

Cost: $300 ($50 per session!)

We will open each group with a few minutes of mindful awareness and end with a relaxation exercise. Optional (but encouraged!) homework assignments in between groups will include mindfulness practice and journaling.

A rough outline of what we will cover:

  • What burnout is and how it shows up for each group member
  • What parts of your life create the most stress for you
  • Mindfulness vs. mindlessness -- how to integrate mindfulness practice into your life, and why busy people often resist slowing down
  • The role of numbing behaviors (compulsive social media/phone use, problematic drinking/eating habits, other methods of “escape”)
  • What drives you -- what you wish you were doing more of and why you're not doing more of it
  • How and why we fixate on what we can't control while ignoring the things we can
  • How to spot unhelpful underlying beliefs and how to change them


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