HMC Day 13: Meditation for anxiety

Holiday Meditation Challenge Day 13.png

Any worrywarts out there? 

You’ve probably heard that meditation can be helpful in getting control over generalized anxiety, and it’s true. Meditation is very effective at developing our ability to see ourselves as separate from our thoughts and feelings, allowing us to center ourselves and find refuge from the endless churn of an anxious mind.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but with daily practice, meditation can allow you to identify and observe the spaces between thoughts. You begin to see your thoughts as somewhat arbitrary constructions rather than unquestionable Reality.

In time you’ll see that your attachment to individual thoughts is optional, and you can more effectively let go of thoughts that do not serve you (the ones that spin your anxiety out of control).

Try this guided meditation from Tara Brach: min), or choose a guided meditation from an app like Headspace or Stop, Breathe & Think if you’re using one. Be sure to sit for a minimum of 12 minutes if you can — but something is better than nothing, always!

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