HMC Day 15: When you’re short on time

Holiday Meditation Challenge Day 15.png

There are many excuses/reasons people come up with as to why they don’t get around to meditating in a given day, but TIME should never be one of them.

“But I’m so(oooooo) busy!” you might tell me.

So is everybody! The most magical part of meditation is that it’s condensable. It can fit into a tiny, two-minute-sized corner of your day when necessary.

Sure, throughout this challenge, I’m encouraging you to increase your meditation “stamina,” so to speak. Mostly because it’s good to experience what longer meditations feel like. Some people are intimidated by longer sessions but find that they really get a lot out of them once they give them a try.

That said, you don’t NEED 20 minutes, or even 10 minutes, for meditation to be worthwhile. Taking two minutes to breathe, to find your core self, to connect with your body and observe the contents of your mind, is infinitely better than forgoing the practice altogether.

If you have time today, sit for 10-15 minutes. But if you don’t, or you feel tempted to skip out, sit for 2. Check out this free resource if you need a short guided meditation to get you through:

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