HMC Day 2: Find your space!

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I love talking about meditation spaces. While a special space is by no means necessary (you can meditate anywhere that it’s possible to sit uninterrupted), I happen to be fascinated with what people find calming and beautiful. I feel a deep sense of tranquility when I’m in a space that feels comfortable to me — cozy, warmly lit, preferably with plants.

My usual meditation space right now is really just a corner. I sit on a meditation cushion (there are a bunch on Amazon; I use this one in green). In warmer months I often sit out on my deck, and in winter I sit near a window. I usually cover myself in a blanket and sit cross-legged.

Wherever you choose to practice, make it your own. Make sure it’s a place you like to be, because this will make it easier for you to show up and practice daily. But no matter where you choose, it won’t be perfect. Sometimes you’ll hear annoying sounds, or you won’t be able to get comfortable, or you’ll notice a draft. Meditation is, in part, about embracing discomfort and leaning into it — getting curious about it rather than trying to make it go away the instant we detect it. Sometimes when we observe discomfort, tension or even pain, we find that it’s not as uniform or intolerable as we would have assumed. We can learn something about the thoughts we have when we encounter discomfort.

But there’s no need to start out uncomfortable. Find a surface you can sit on for 15-20 minutes at a time, like a yoga mat, pillow, or on a carpeted floor. (It’s best to sit rather than lie down, mostly because you’re more likely to fall asleep if you’re lying down — but there are no hard-and-fast rules.) If there’s a nook you can decorate with pictures or wall hangings or plants, great! If you need to be mobile depending on which room is free when you have a few minutes to yourself, get a cushion and take it with you wherever. I know some people who just sit in their bed and meditate when they first wake up!

Try out a few different spots and/or surfaces in your home and figure out where you want to practice on a routine basis. Don’t overcomplicate this, but do have fun! Once you’ve settled on a spot and surface, sit for 3-5 minutes today. Stick with a guided meditation if you’re new to meditating!

>> In the coming days, decide if you want to add anything to your space, like a blanket, a cushion, or some sort of calming scent or decor.

 If you missed the introductory post, welcome to the Holiday Meditation Challenge! We are countering holiday chaos by developing a meditation habit over the next 30 days. If you’d like a summary of each week’s assignments in e-mail form so you can go back to them anytime, click here.

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