HMC Day 3: Choose a time

Holiday Meditation Challenge Day 3.pngDo you like the idea of starting the day by getting a handle on yourself, your thoughts and your emotions? Does the idea of a quiet evening wind-down appeal to you? Or a lunch-time recharge?

Meditation is beneficial no matter what time of day you want to integrate it into your routine. It’s a personal decision. I would suggest experimenting for a day or two and then committing to a time for the remainder of the challenge so that you make sure you check it off each day.

Probably the best way to choose a time is to go with what’s easiest and most reliable. While I prefer to meditate in the morning, I sometimes don’t get up in time to fit it in because my little ones wake up early. For me, I can stick to a recurring time much easier if I go with evening.

Of course you don’t HAVE to meditate at the same time every day, but I would encourage you to have some sort of predictable pattern (maybe your weekdays and weekends look different, or your Wednesdays are a one-off) rather than winging it. It’s hard to establish a habit if there are too many decision points or opportunities to miss.


Today, sit for 5 minutes. Try meditating at different times of day — you can even consider doing a couple of shorter sessions in the same day to see what works best. Then settle on a time and be consistent.

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