Holiday Meditation Challenge

Holiday Meditation Challenge!

The holiday season may be the BEST time to start meditating.

Stay with me here. Yes, it’s a busy time of year. Yes, the month of December is filled with random extra obligations, tasks and social events. So why add one more thing to the mix?

Well, for starters, us busy people are exactly the ones who need to slow down the most, particularly during periods of high stress.

If you’re a busy extrovert, you may have started twitching at the very notion of slowing down — though maybe there’s a part of you that would like more clarity and calm. If you’re a busy introvert, you’re probably longing for quiet moments but find them almost impossible to come by over the holidays.

Meditation may be the tool you need to get through the next month with your head screwed on straight. A meditation habit can help you tune into yourself, allowing you to manage your emotions more effectively and stay focused on what matters most to you. Through meditation, you can become more keenly aware of what creates stress for you and how your brain responds. Awareness is the most vital step toward living a calmer and more centered life.

So if you’re busy, stressed, and would like to avoid being ground down into a pine-scented pulp this holiday season, this challenge is for you! Let’s not wait till January 1 to get a handle on life.

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We start today — Monday, Nov. 27! And if you’d like a summary of each week’s assignments in e-mail form so you can go back to them anytime, click here: