Therapist Training Group

If you’re like a lot of therapists I know, you spend most of your day tuned into the needs of others: your clients, of course, but also your partner, your kids, your friends. You’re a go-to person for a hell of a lot of people. Which you love… and feel exhausted by at times.

And if you have a super busy life where you’re often in the role of the train conductor, it’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day grind-- notes, treatment plans, troubleshooting child care issues, diffusing conflict with your partner, managing your whole family’s dentist appointment schedule, etc.

And (stay with me here), unless you are an actual superhero in disguise, this day-to-day grind is causing you to sidestep the level of self-reflection necessary to be a good therapist. Yeah, I said it.

The truth is, we cannot be effective therapists without doing our own inner work.

And our inner work can’t be done in complete solitude.

Now, I know deep down you believe this, but I also know that it can seem damn near impossible to find meaningful opportunities to DO the work in any sort of consistent way.

Well it’s a good thing you got yourself to this webpage because DO I HAVE A SOLUTION FOR YOU!  A training group, designed just for you.

This group is for private practitioners AND therapists in agency/clinic settings. (I’ve been on both sides of the street, having spent 6+ years working in community mental health before diving headfirst into private practice.)

If you’re in community MH, I can pretty much guarantee that you're seeing a high volume of acute patients, many with severe trauma histories, comorbid substance use, personality disorders and attachment issues. All with about an hour of supervision per week. You could really use some space and time to step back from all of that and figure out where you, the human, begin and end in relationship to the work you do each day.

And if you’re in private practice, you might be feeling a bit lonely or isolated, and you’re probably finding that owning & marketing your own business brings out pretty much every insecurity you’ve ever had. The problem with unexamined insecurities is they can wreak havoc on your clinical work.

If you’d like to talk more about getting a group in your life, fill out the interest form at the bottom of this page and I will be in touch ASAP!

The fine print:

  1. How much is it? $60/session. You pay for your spot in group whether you come or not. This ‘membership model’ has worked extraordinarily well in terms of helping group members stay accountable to their weekly commitment (which means a more stable & consistent group for everyone involved).
  2. When is it? New group forming now -- likely Wednesdays 8:15-9:30a.
  3. How long does it last? This is an open and ongoing group where participants typically commit to 4 months at the outset, with the option to continue as long as it is useful.
  4. Is this a therapy group? No, but therapeutic processing does happen as we explore self-of-the-therapist themes alongside transference/countertransference. You can expect to spend about 70% of our time on processing, self-reflection and interpersonal connection, and 30% on case consultation.
  5. What if I know other people in the group? I know that the Rochester mental health community is small. Overlapping relationships/roles should be discussed with me on a case-by-case basis.

If you have questions or would like to learn more, fill out the interest form below or send me an email at [email protected] and I will get in touch to set up a time for us to chat.

Clinician Process Group Interest Form


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