As a licensed marriage & family therapist and certified group psychotherapist, I offer therapy in a variety of different formats depending on what’s going on with you and what you’re looking for.

*Please note: remote video sessions are available for New York State residents via Regroup Connect.

“I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed”

Individual Therapy: This is the way most people think about therapy -- 1:1 where our time together is all yours. It gives you space to sort out your feelings, talk about what’s bothering you, hear a different perspective, reconnect to who you are, set goals...lots of possibilities here. I often suggest individual therapy when much of the work at hand is about stress/burnout, internal distress, managing an existing mood or anxiety disorder, or if there’s relationship strain and the other partner isn’t willing or able to attend therapy at the moment.

“My partner and I are having a tough time”

Couples Therapy: When you start couples therapy, I will essentially be your relationship consultant. You’ll tell me a little bit about how your relationship has evolved over time, and what the current problems look like. Together we will establish some common goals. I will help you have a different experience communicating in my office than you’re able to have at home on your own so that you can feel closer and more connected, or at the very least get clarity on where your relationship is headed.

“My family is facing some challenges and we’re not communicating well”

Family Therapy: The process with family work is similar to couples work. It tends to be more time-limited -- sometimes even a session or two to hash out a particularly difficult conversation can work wonders. I will meet your family and find out where everyone’s coming from, and we’ll identify some reasonable goals. Then I will help all of you find your individual voices and express yourselves clearly and in a way everyone can understand. I’ll offer some in-the-moment coaching so that you can move through conflict and heal damaged relationships.

“I’m feeling disconnected, burned out, or unhappy in some key relationships”

Group Therapy: I absolutely LOVE group work. For more about how group might be able to help you reach your goals, go here. I offer two groups right now including a co-ed relationships process group and a clinician process group for therapists working in clinic or agency settings.

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